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Organization Worksheets

We provide the client with an Excel Worksheet containing of a list of potential materials or services, which may be needed for the client’s event.  Clients can then type in cost of each item and the sheet will automatically add up the total amount of each item.  Clients can add or delete item originally listed on the worksheet.  We also have one specifically for client’s hosting golf tournaments.                     Event Budget Sheet

We provide step-by-step instructions for clients hosting golf tournaments, in an excel tab.  Each column consists of specific actions, which the client needs to perform in a timely and structured manner.  The required actions are supported by due dates.  The Client is responsible for listing who is responsible for each action and for keeping up with the status of each action listed in the columns.                                                                Golf Tournament Organization Sheet


We provide a client call-tracking sheet (in Excel) for the client to list the contact information of each person he or she has called.  The list provides a place for the client to record the companies name, contact name, phone number, email, website, date address, call start, call end, and specific details of each call.   Call Tracking Sheet


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