Staying 1up by Supporting Positive Social Change

Q and A


Q. What if I don’t like the Strategic Event Concept Proposed by 1up Entertainment?
A. Each client will have the option of working along (95% project time) with 1up Entertainment, resulting in a half price payment of the original fee.  If 1up Entertainment works alone on a plan and is unable to meet the demand of the client, the client can walk away without having to pay for the service, only if they agree to sign a waiver stating that they are never to hold a similar event, unless they are willing to pay 1up Entertainment for the initial cost of the time spent on the similar but rejected proposal.  Each client must agree to sign the waiver before the proposals are reviewed.
Q. What If 1up Entertainment is unable to book my request, or my request is a no show?
A. A contract agreement will be drawn between the client, 1up Entertainment, and the booked artist or celebrity, on the legal ramifications of a no-show, before 1up Entertainment charges the client for booking fees.  If the artist is a no-show, the client will still be responsible for the services of 1up Entertainment and the client will have legal documentation to prosecute the booked artist.  If the client has proven they are able to make the necessary payments to book a specific artist or celebrity, and 1up Entertainment is unable to make the booking, 1up will be held responsible for letting each client know, by a predetermined time set by the client, or 1up Entertainment will be held responsible for all documented cost of the client toward the planned event (after the selected client deadline)  
Q. What if a contracted vendor of 1up Entertainment does not meet the required agreement between 1up Entertainment and myself?
A. The Legal agreement between the client and 1up Entertainment will stand.  1up Entertainment and the contracted vendor will be responsible for their own agreement.
Q. What if I pay 1up entertainment to host a strategically planned event and the event is not successful?
A. As long as 1up Entertainment does not neglect any specifics, documented in each agreement, 1up Entertainment will not be held responsible for any monetary charges, but will have the option of providing a customer discount, as seem fit to each client.
Q. What if damages to property occur during the event?
A. Clients are required to complete legal agreements with 1up Entertainment and vendors before each event to cover such issues.  An agreeing party will be responsible for providing property insurance before the event.
Q. How can I become a contracted vendor with 1up Entertainment?
A. Send your company information and pricing list to and negotiate a partnership agreement that is beneficial to 1up entertainment, our clients and your company.
Q. What is 1up entertainments concept of a successful event?
A. 1up Entertainments concept of a successful event is one in which all legal guidelines agreed upon by clients, vendors, 1up Entertainment, sponsors and booked entertainment are met.  One in which all parties involved are able to promote their personal agenda while limiting expenses.  Most important is the positive effect of each event towards the community. 
Q. How do I apply to work for or volunteer to work with 1up Entertainment?
A. Go to our contact page and fill out a request form.