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We create affordable websites for bloggers, musicians, institutions, organizations, and  corporations.  No matter what your objective, we apply the same passion for high quality, professional work.  You select the template design, and then we do the rest of the work.

Website Rates

(not including e-commerce)


 1-8 pages


With full social network integrations


9-19 pages


With full social network integrations




With full social network integrations


10 a hour for 

e-commerce work

15 things we need to know before we build your site

1. Why do you want a website (or have your current site redesigned)?


2. What’s your business/organization all about?  What’s your philosophy and what are your long-term goals?  Are you involved in any charitable contributions or any community involvement?


3. What sets your business apart from your competition?


4. What problems does your business solve?


5. Who are your prospective customers or visitors?


6. What do you want visitors to do on your site?


7. What is your budget?


8. By what date do you need the site completed?


9. What are your long-term plans for your site?


10. Who will be responsible for updating your site?


11. What do you NOT want on your website?


12. What kind of color scheme are you envisioning? Do you have current graphics (logo, images etc) or will you be looking to create your branding?


13.  Will you need youtube or video embedded on your site?


14. How many pages do you anticipate needing for this site?


15.  Do you have or need a social media strategy?