Donation Letters
  • We get the reader’s attention.
  • We state the cause of the program and the credentials of our client’s organization. We then explain how each donation is going to effectively fulfill their needs.
  • We clearly explain the contribution to be sought after, and list the benefits of supporting the clients program.  We make sure to explain the purpose of each donation.
  • All letters provide a statement of gratitude in polite and subtle language, which if properly done, will make the contribution of the donation a foregone conclusion.
  • Finally, our goal for each letter is to leave a good impression on the readers mind regarding the cause for which the letter is written.


General Donation Letter $25.00

A Letter written to address all potential donors

Personalized Donation Letter $40.00

A personalized letter written to a specific individual.

Thank You Letters $15.00

Clients will be charged for all mailing, packaging, and printing fees for outgoing proposals

Local Potential Donors List ($1.00 for each email)

Coca Cola

Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation

Office Depot Foundation

Best Buy




Dunkin Donuts

Starbucks Coffee

Barnes and Nobles

Popeye’s Chicken



Many More……