Urban Challenges, And The Importance Of Critical Thinking Education Workshop

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Lecture Justification

• So why is this lecture so important?  Self-improvement and social improvement are presupposed values of critical thinking. Meaning, critical thinking requires an effort to see others, and our selves, accurately. This requires recognizing gaps between ideals and practice. This lecture is important because it aims for self and social improvement.

• Strategies of improving everyday thinking are introduced to the audience.

• Students, hoping to become the next line of community leaders and educators confront hands on knowledge of ways to improve their chances of succeeding, during and after, they leave their respected institutions.

• Individuals who desire to be involved in the process of improving urban communities are introduced to techniques that will improve their critical thinking, eventually enhance how they notice and refrain from using biases and generalizations. They also are introduced to techniques that will allow them to eventually become more aware of the wide range outlooks and interpretations of urban challenges, allowing for better comprehension on how and what notions to accept or reject, while dealing with daily challenges.

• Educators and their students openly engage in a lecture that allows students to learn a new approach to learning and evaluating information, while teachers can use this information to figure out new ways in get their students more excited and involved in their weekly presentations.

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