Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation

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Liberation Theology and Education are sources for critical consciousness building that go hand in hand. Justice, Freedom, Equality and participation in democracy are part of the liberation issues that must be at the full front in the struggle. What Saye attempts to do here in his book is to employ similar kinds of pedagogical methodologies articulated by Paulo Freire, W.E.B DuBois, George G. M. James, James H. Cone, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela and others to educate his readers about some of the profound issues surrounding Liberation praxis. Saye discusses the education and mis-education of our children. He proposes ways and means that can be employed as corrective measures to be used to reform and transform the spoiled and broken system. He deals with exploitation of humanity by other humanity for their self-aggrandizement and economic benefits. Mr. Saye Taryor does not only talk about slavery and human exploitation, he also provides hope and ways by which we can develop social and economic entrepreneurship collectively and individually to uplift the human conditions. This book is not about one or two things. This is a book of “potpourri” of very many issues dealing with very many human conditions dealing with religion, politics, healthcare, social and economic issues and many more that we face every day.

In the final analysis, Saye suggests that we cannot overcome all these ills of society or even receive the benefits of the mounting technological innovations and achievements if we do not use our critical thinking ability to bring about the needed reforms and transformation that are necessary. He details as the backdrop for change, his 1Up Movement as a very creative and viable way of engaging this struggle. He suggests that we should not only understand the situations, and predicament we find ourselves in, but we should overstand the situation; knowing better than understanding. Anyone who is serious about bringing about innovation and transformation either personally or in a corporate setting must read Saye’s book. It is a Must Read. Saye Taryor’s book, Overstanding with a 1Up Vision: Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation will offer you some helpful information.

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