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More info about Google hangouts

  • Google Hangouts is a complete video conferencing tool open to all subscribers of the Google + social network, which emphasize on the organization of online virtual meetings and collaborative work. It also gives you the ability to broadcast a public video conference on Youtube (communicate about events, create turtorials...etc). How to organize a Hangout and take advantage of all its features? Hangouts: a video-conferencing service for web and mobile platforms
  • Google Hangouts is a free video conferencing service, accessible from:
  • Google Plus. Gmail. Google Hangouts mobile applications (Android, iOS). The Hangouts extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Prerequisites for using Google Hangouts

  • The use of Google Hangouts requires a webcam, speakers (or headphones)
  • Internet connection (broadband) and of course a Google account.

Key features of Google Hangouts

  • Google Hangouts includes several tools that meet the communication needs of individuals and professional users: Free audio or video conferencing with multiple participants.
  • The opportunity to join a conference or to be contacted by telephone, via the Google Voice VoIP service (paid service).
  • Send instant messages to other participants.
  • Screen sharing and access to Google Docs: text, spreadsheet and presentation
  • Live broadcast of video conferencing on YouTube.
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